the mediating roof (2015)

Short Section Final

Living Factories
Sustainable Design Option Studio 2 (Calvin Chua)
Summer 2015

Exploring the roof as a mediator of light, varied lighting conditions to define flexible and configurable programmatic spaces in the below working space are created by establishing a dialectic relationship between living and working spaces through voids and translucent courtyards. Stripping light to its basic function of supporting the circadian rhythm in the human body, the visual connection from the private living units to the working spaces is cut off, creating an environment similar to a blank canvas for contemplation and resting with different degrees of privacy with a shared courtyard configuration.

1_INTERIOR_WORK-finalfinal Long Section Final 2_INTERIOR_LIVING_light_furniture_finalfinal10_LivingDetailFinalAXO_2250_LivingPlan250_WorkingLighting250_WorkingLighting_2250_WorkingPLanLong Section Final250_RoofroofplanColoured


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