SUTD Open Mic Sessions (2012-2015)


Founded in Fall 2012
SUTD Bands

There was one simple rule – to play music for more music. Starting from ground zero, with no financial budget whatsoever, we used our personal amplifiers and borrowed microphones from the lecture theatres. Now we have a good set of equipment, a self-fabricated stage and we proudly own a smoke machine. SUTD Bands has become more than just an avenue to perform – it’s become a platform to push boundaries in music, design and friendship.

openmic_final DSC_19627 10003803_628379520543443_1033042746_o 10710224_729392497108811_5685019936267826212_o 1404426_728881783826549_1144451622285690899_o sutdbands_logo_standard


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