rest (2015)

2015-03-23 23.46.19

Advanced Topics in Performative Design:
Daylight and Electic Lighting (John Alstan Jakubiec)
Collaboration: Teri Lim
Spring 2015

Winning entry for DIVA Day Student Competition 2015. Click here to view our competition entry and here for our presentation slides.

Designed for the busy humans we are, the luminaire serves as a reminder to take rests. Relating light to musical tones and rhythm, we manipulate the inherent characteristics of corrugated cardboard to form a glowing effect on two sides (to represent the tonal values of light) and an abstraction of the musical notation of half and whole rests on the other two sides with cuts radiating from the core.

closeup1 copy render 1 12_Hostel_VIEW1.clsky092123 sections-02 buddy time


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