minimal surface (2014)

2014-04-17 17.32.52

Digital Design and Fabrication (Stylianos Dritsas)
Term Project (Team)
Spring 2014

Based on chosen anchor points on a site we chose, we created a minimal surface that excites the otherwise mundane space at the lift lobby, without obstructing views. By triangulating the surface, we could connect the vertices of our basic component and finally prepare  all the annotated components for fabrication. As the eyelet could not accommodate more than 4 components at one time, we wove the components in an alternating fashion, using 2 eyelets at those vertices. This also created some tolerance for the surface.

2014-04-16 01.41.38 2014-04-15 23.38.07 2014-04-16 01.56.57 2014-04-17 17.30.26-1


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